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Text as material

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Sif Ankergård (DK 1984) graduated the Masters of Fine Art in 2015 from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Bergen, Norway. Holds a BA of Fine Art from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Resent projects includes AARK residency in Korppoo, Finland, a solo show at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Norway, the group show Nervous systems – Language of wonder and denial in Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark, and the publishing of Page, an annual artist writing magazine.


I always start with a sentence, a line of words that take me into the subject. It becomes the project title. I then take the sentence and dissect its meaning, disrupt its grammar, make objects for it, make works that attempts to understand its prolific meanings, collage new texts out of the one’s I read, I make a project out of the sentence.

Through an ongoing engagement with performativity of sculptures and text, I have so far been developing a body of works that involves text production, sculpture, paintings and hybrid-work that comes to life upon the precise placing within a defined space, rooms, walls, pages, posters and publications, following what can be seen as a play with ideas of linguistic construction.

I am interested in a situation of exhibiting where the gap between theory and work is blurred by the active use of text, where study notes transform into forms and conversations are allowed to coexist with the artworks. To experiment with the possibility to present text, writings, readings, thoughts and sculptural-work together.

Language is not just a matter of course of the given; the obvious. Among other things, social order, power hierarchies and repressive structures is kneaded into it - and in such a seamless manner that we do not sense it, because we already are embedded in the language and it is part of us. It is through language that society is articulated, and in a sense it is the language that constitutes it.


Upcoming and current shows:

2017 I wish I was a Landscape painter. Oseana Art and Culture center. OS, Norway.


Solo shows:

2015 Why I, I, I - Galleri Grefti, Umbertide, Italy.

2015 I will say something and you will understand it. - Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway.

2014 A mouth. - Galley Fisk. Bergen, Norway.


Selected group shows:

2016 Page 2 - Hordaland kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway.

2016 Vector - Bergen edition - Bergen, Norway.

2015 December - Cash+carry - Markeveien 4B, 5012 Bergen, Norway.

2015 November 6th - january 3rd 2016. KE15 - Den frie udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015 3,14LIVE - Considering Work: Locus - Stiftelsen 3,14 Bergen, Norway.

2015 Discount Parachutes. MFA graduation show - Bergen kunsthall, Bergen, Norway.

2015 Page 1, A printed group show. Bergen, Norway.

2015 If on a winters night, a room. A public video screening program. Bergen, Norway.

2014 Nervous systems – Language of wonder and denial. Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark.

2014 Open Studio. Annual masters 1 exhibition at Bergen academy of art and design. Norway.

2013 Graduates show - BFA. Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 Beyond Babylon. Oude Kerk. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 BYOB. Gallery Knipsy. Bergen, Norway.

2012 Out of the fridge. Berm collective gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 Salon. Atelier Kaptein, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 Hide and Seek. Published in Soanyway, online art magazine:

2012 OMG. Oude Kerk - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 Late rooms. Last minute group, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011 Borders reach and move. Residency exhibition. Belitz Hailstade, Germany.

2011 Self-representations. Wormerweerstraat 15, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011 The Shed. Zeeburger dijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2009 The group. Kunsthøjskolen Thorstedlund. Frederikssund, Denmark.

2008 Open atelier. Kunsthøjskolen Thorstedlund. Frederikssund, Denmark.



2016 AARK residency - Archipelago Art, Korpo, Finland.

2015 Grefti. Umbertide, Italy.

2012 25"2m. Helsinki, Finland.

2011 EEA. Belitz Hailstade, Germany.


Grants and stipends: (Thanks for the support)

Norske billedekunstnere vederlagsfond, 1 arigt stipend 2017

Norske billedekunstnere verderlagsfond, Prøjekstøtte høst 2016

Norske billedekunstsnere vederlagsfond, 1 arigt stipend 2016

Statens kunstfond Danmark, residency støtte 2016

Norske Kulturåder, Diversitetstipend for nyutdande 2015

Statens kunstfond Danmark, residency støtte 2015

Oticon fondet, stipend for Masterstudier 2013